“ It is the choices we make and not the chances we take that determine our destiny”


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Aims and Objectives

Through this medium Bisi aims to construct the narrative
of his life history and to bring to the notice of the public what he has been up to since he became an immigrant when he exiled Nigeria in April 1993.

It is also Bisi's aim to employ this medium to bring to the notice of the public any latest project he is working on and to publicly glorify his Eleda (Creator) for all His blessings, because many are the waters that have fallen and gone underground.

Breaking News...

Hooray!!! Bisi completes his Ph.D programme from Trinity College, Dublin Ireland.

Thesis Title:

"Complexity, Post-Coloniality, Transculturality: The Birth of Wole Soyinka's Yoruba Tragedy in Nigeria and its Intercultural Presentation in Britain"

A Quotable Quote...

"Unless the Lion becomes its own historian, any battle in which it engages with the hunter will always be won by the latter" (Adigun 2013)




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“He who knows how to think must know how to thank.

Welcome to Bisispeaks

Bisi Adigun is a Yoruba man from the west of Nigeria. He is a playwright, theatre director/producer and scholar. Having lived in the UK for three years he moved, in 1996, to Ireland where he now resides with his Irish wife, Kate, with whom he is blessed with a daughter, Arinola. 

To diversify Irish theatre and to afford African immigrants living in Ireland the unique opportunity to express and re-present themselves through the art of theatre, Bisi founded Arambe Productions, Ireland's first African Theatre company in 2003. He has directed all of Arambe's productions to date.

In 2006 Arambe commissioned Bisi and Irish novelist Roddy Doyle to co-write a new version of J. M Synge's The Playboy of the Western World. The new version subsequently had its world première at the Abbey Theatre, (Ireland's National Theatre) at the 2007 Dublin Theatre Festival, to an unprecedented critical and commercial success

Playboy Poster 2007